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Blog Archives

granny love

love granny’s..
the possibilities, the colours to combine,
the simple stitch and counting.. love love love..
here are some great white & colour granny inspirations
tutorials and links to the sources here

back to school

Almost time to get back to school.
So new books, papers and pencil cases are needed.
Here are some great, not to difficult, handmade pencil cases.
Some diy, some for the inspiration.
Find all the links to the sources on my pinterest.
(last picture is my own design.. no tutorial, just inspiration)


If you are planning to give someone a plant, think about a simple diy plant pot.
It’s so easy to do, handmade and personal and a perfect ‘wrap’.
Here’s some inspiration.

buy some herbs and make several chalkboard herb pots

colour block some thrifted pots

love this one! perfect gift for someone with no-green-hands

find the links to the tutorials here

white doily crochet

anyone who says white (doily) crochet is old-fashioned, isn’t from this time

find all the links and artists here

natural wraps

On my to-do list is a pure, natural knitted lace wrap. That means I have to learn to knit ajour/lace but I’m up for it, when I see these beautiful patterns..
Love this trifle shawl above. A pattern by tricksy knitter which can be found on ravelry.

And this delicate but a bit firmer wrap is also perfect. Foliolum as it’s name is, is a very good to start with, I guess. Not too much lace and difficult stitches. Cloud Illusions (below) by Boo Knits is a smaller wrap with a regular start and a lace end. So pretty too..

And I wanted to show you this one, the Juneberry by Koanizee. But I think a lot of experience is needed with all the lace and cables. But it’s such a beautiful wrap! One that can go along for while..

find all links to these and other patterns here

crochet boots

Not a good start of the new (blog) year. I was really sick in the beginning of December. A fever, an enormous headache and so much snot… I thought it was over but apparently it wasn’t. I saw the doctor last Friday and it seems I have had a sinus cavity which I didn’t take good care of, so now it was here again. On Monday I got more and more headache, feeling so shitty, I returned to the doctor and now I’m on antibiotics. It’s helping!!! Now I’m hoping and praying it will stay away.. So much weeks of headaches, snot and not feeling 100% isn’t very pleasant and I really, really, really, really hope it’s over now.

Anyhow! How about these fabulous boots!!!?? I bought a crochet book a few weeks ago, mostly because of these boots. I love them and definitely going to make a pair, someday. I made pictures of the instructions (although in Dutch, you can read the diagram and assembly chart) so please feel free to make a pair!!

(you can click on the picture too enlarge)

it’s a baby boy


I just got the message that everything is okay with mom and her newborn son.
I’m so happy for my friends, who got a healthy son, last night.
I truly believe that a handmade present for a newborn is the best gift to give. It’s from the heart, so personal and (as the baby) made with love. I love these sweet little yellow moccasins, or this little knitted jacket with hood, make a name with fabric letters or a sweet knitted toadstool rattle.




I didn’t made any of these but crocheted a bunting. That was the pre-work, now I need to finish the bunting with the little guy’s name by making a felt letter on each flag. But in order to do that, it’s handy to know the little guy’s name.. Have to have some patience..

(clicking on source/link will get you to my pinterest,
click on the picture there to go to the original source!)


Tania from Little Things Blogged shares so much sweet and gorgeous crochet patterns on her site. She makes lovely amigurumi but also these lovely, lovely slippers. And she’s such a sweetie to share this pattern too. I find the colour combination, she used here, very smashing.

I have to say that I love crocheted (or knitted) slippers but I always have my doubts in making them because of the slippery soles. Guess I’m going to try this one (it’s a pretty simple pattern) and do some experiments with making it not slippery anymore. Any ideas maybe?

picture belongs to Little Things Blogged

fall crafts

fall felt leaves by dana made it

Fall is making her entrance. The wind is blowing harder, colours are changing, more rain, a fall sun and a earlier darker evenings. Lots of leaves, in the most beautiful colours, are falling of the trees. The forest is full of toadstools, pinecones and chestnuts. Lots of materials to work with. Here some very nice fall craft inspiration. Enjoy!

fall craft inspirations with leaves by kokokoKIDS

Stephanie & Mary

apartment therapy: egg shell roses, jewellery display, art board, stylish maps
family fun: paper flowers, tin robots, carton & paper dollhouse, jug heads

Sometimes someone tells you something or gives you feedback without knowing the power of those words. I guess you know what I mean, don’t you? Today I got such a powerful message that hit me in my heart and will make me smile for the rest of the week.
I got an email from Stephanie, an volunteer librarian in the Seattle area. She wanted to thank me for creating the diy and craft page with lots and lots links to good craft sites. And off course SOIL tries to find lots of recycle craft links. It helped her teaching her class on the importance of recycling.
That gives me such a good feeling. My goal with SOIL isn’t just to sell handmade products, items that are sustainable or made with recycled materials. I want to inspire too, tell the world to think about the things you buy, think about how it’s made, where it’s from, how much we waste, how fun reusing and recycling is, how beautiful it is.. So if someone on the other side of the world finds my site, gets inspired and finds help in learning kids about recycling, I feel very happy!

One of Stephanie’s students, Mary, found a new great resource on recycling. Here’s the link “Recycling and Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids” Mary found. All the recycle crafts in this post are links that come from this site. It’s a very good resource page with lots of information on recycling and ideas for recycling crafts. Thanks so much Mary for finding this page!! And thanks Stephanie for making time to email me and letting me know.

apartment therapy: kids craft with toilet rolls; napkin rings, changing faces dolls, bird feeder, car