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drawer/crate walls

To be honest it’s time, here in my home, to do some big cleaning, rearranging, refurbishing and restoring. You know, lots and lots of plain cleaning and then paint the walls again, replace some carpet, paint the table in a new colour etc.

Don’t see any time at the moment but when I get to this point, I’ll definitely will make a wall with drawers/crates. The two pictures above inspire me the most. Love the different wallpapers that are used and the way the crates are arranged.
The two pictures below are more like an inspiration. An inspiration to use drawers, and to work from the floor up. Don’t you just love this ideas? Simple, cheap and all about recycling and restyling. Love, love, love..

picture sources here


I have no idea how it works with summer and winter time in other countries but here we set our clock back and forth two times a year. One hour back for wintertime and one hour further for summertime. Going back one hour for the winter means shorter days because of way more darkness in the evening and early morning.
This weekend we set the clock back, so our days are shorter.. I always have to adjust myself a little bit around this time. Not because of the clock, but because of winter, of more darkness and cold, and shorter days. I need light!

Going into winter means more use of lamps and lightning. You don’t have to buy. Or buy expensive. All the lamps here are handmade and I love them all. A bundle of vintage lamps together, teacups lightning, a lamp made from whisks… find more lovely and cool ideas on my Pinterest (also for resources and tutorials) at the ‘recycle, restyle, reuse’ board.


I think that we have the most beautiful wallpapers off all time, at the moment. You can choose it all. Colourful, motifs, graphics, flowered, retro, structured, bright or pastel.. if you think of it, have an idea for your wall, it’s for sale somewhere.
I really like one or two walls with bright, colourful wallpaper. These here are some of my favourites. Including the beautiful colourful floor!! Love that too..

all picture sourcesĀ  and more interior inspiration can be found here

crochet o’clock

OMG!! I love this crochet clock. That little rainbow, all the flowers, it’s so bright and cheerful! And it’s a tutorial!!!!! A very inspirational and good tutorial by ‘according to matt‘, which by the way, is a amazing blog! Please check it out yourself and make this smashing clock.

picture credit: according to matt


It’s been over a week since the last time blogging. It was such a chaotic, busy, hectic week. All that tax stress (and everything that went wrong and costed triple time to resolve), so much work to do for HZG (finished up my first articles. Yeeh!) and so much other appointments and things that were going on this week. But it’s weekend now!!!! Time to relax, to sleep a bit, to work away those dark circles around my eyes, to see friends..

My house is a mess. It’s a mess, it’s dirty, there’s dishes from about a week, laundry to do but really I just want to relax. So I wouldn’t get upset if I could hang in that outside bed-couch… Really wouldn’t bother to relax in these funky living rooms. Not only are these so perfect, so chill and not messy, probably they are clean too and have no laundry and dishes to do.. So I will just close my eyes and dream I’m there.. Ohhh feel the relaxing beginning.. Enjoy your weekend!

(go to my pinterest for all the original sources of these images)