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amazing mittens

When I saw these, a big smile appeared on my face and every time I see them.. again I have this big smile. These definitely are ‘happy’ mitts. So no need to say that I love these armadillos mittens so much! It’s the most original design I’ve seen in a long time. Have kids? Want a pair of funky mittens? Find these here in the Murat & Yusuf shop on etsy.

granny love

love granny’s..
the possibilities, the colours to combine,
the simple stitch and counting.. love love love..
here are some great white & colour granny inspirations
tutorials and links to the sources here

back to school

Almost time to get back to school.
So new books, papers and pencil cases are needed.
Here are some great, not to difficult, handmade pencil cases.
Some diy, some for the inspiration.
Find all the links to the sources on my pinterest.
(last picture is my own design.. no tutorial, just inspiration)


On pinterest I found these gorgeous handmade blankets from Gypsya. I totally adore them. So happy, such smashing fabrics and that perfect needlework. I love them all!
I feel very inspired by all these amazing blankets and since I cleaned, washed and cleared out my bedroom, I feel the need to make something for this ‘new and improved’ space. And I still have this smashing vintage fabric lying around. A piece of fabric that I kept aside for personal use but I was waiting for the best purpose to use it. I think this can be it and I’m going to make a hand stitched throw for myself. I think the needlework can be a very ‘therapeutic’ job to do but I also keep in mind that this is a long term project. So I have to be ready to start…

Want to buy one? Please check out the gypsya site or check their store on etsy.
**All pictures belong to

drawer/crate walls

To be honest it’s time, here in my home, to do some big cleaning, rearranging, refurbishing and restoring. You know, lots and lots of plain cleaning and then paint the walls again, replace some carpet, paint the table in a new colour etc.

Don’t see any time at the moment but when I get to this point, I’ll definitely will make a wall with drawers/crates. The two pictures above inspire me the most. Love the different wallpapers that are used and the way the crates are arranged.
The two pictures below are more like an inspiration. An inspiration to use drawers, and to work from the floor up. Don’t you just love this ideas? Simple, cheap and all about recycling and restyling. Love, love, love..

picture sources here

fingerless mittens

I love fingerless mittens. Only when it’s freezing, I’ll wear gloves but otherwise fingerless mittens. And because I’m very skinny and I always have cold hand and feet, I’ll wear them in my house too. But I lost my pair, I made last year. Grrr… Searched the whole house but I can’t find them anymore, so it’s time to make a new pair and maybe an extra pair.

Don’t know yet if I’m going to knit or crochet. But time enough to think about! I can’t start this week. Way to busy! This afternoon I’m going to attend a friends promotion on the University. Never have been at a promotion, so I’m very excited. My dress is already chosen! Then I need to finish a custom order and in the weekend I’m doing a interior project at a customers home. I’ll have to paint a wall tree. Nice job!

So nice things to look forward too, nice work and in the meantime I can think about how to make some new fingerless mittens. Love the knitted ones above. Simple but nice. The one with the rainbow fingers is lovely!!! This ravelry pattern will be provided with a pattern..
The green crocheted ones are funky! Not for in the house.. way too thick. But a good colour inspiration and how great is the ‘love’ word on them…
Hmmmm…. time to have a good thought about it!

(all pictures and links to the original resources can be found on my pinterest)

krochet kids

I’m following Krochet Kids for a few years now. These fabulous young guys from the US did a volunteer program in an orphanage home in Northern Uganda, a few years ago. They noticed that all the people are depending on aid, on help from others. As surf dudes they always crocheted their own hats and so they thought; give the ladies a hook, train them, give them a job and mentor them to independence.
In 2007 they started in Northern Uganda with ten ladies. Now they give jobs to over 120 woman! In 2008 there were 2000 hats made, in 2011 over a hundred thousand. 92% of their profits goes into Krochet Kids. Over 431 children can go to school because of the crochet jobs Krochet Kids provides.
A year ago, with a KickStarter project, they managed to set up a new project in Peru and new hats are knitted and hand loomed by twenty four women.

Krochet Kids works with a very simple plan. Quoted: “We provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families. We educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid. We provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.”

I’m so much in love with the way they work. I so believe in the way they work. It’s a kind of development aid but a constructive one. Something that works in the long run, not the short one. It’s like with that saying: either give the man a fish, or learn him how to fish? Give people/woman a job, educate them, pay them fair, give them a voice, the feeling of being independent instead of  reliant on aid and mentor them to get their lives back.
Hope, hope, hope to set up a project alike, ones. Not so big!! But just a small project to give something back, make a change for a few woman…

Please check out these, one of a kind videos, Krochet Kids made.
Meet the guys, the women, hear her story and see the change.
Pure, transparent, touching, sweet and happy.

who is krochet kids
I’m made better by it
the story of Akello Welsy Olara
the power of thank you

all pictures belong to Krochet Kids; Buy a hat, Change a life

it’s a baby boy


I just got the message that everything is okay with mom and her newborn son.
I’m so happy for my friends, who got a healthy son, last night.
I truly believe that a handmade present for a newborn is the best gift to give. It’s from the heart, so personal and (as the baby) made with love. I love these sweet little yellow moccasins, or this little knitted jacket with hood, make a name with fabric letters or a sweet knitted toadstool rattle.




I didn’t made any of these but crocheted a bunting. That was the pre-work, now I need to finish the bunting with the little guy’s name by making a felt letter on each flag. But in order to do that, it’s handy to know the little guy’s name.. Have to have some patience..

(clicking on source/link will get you to my pinterest,
click on the picture there to go to the original source!)


I have no idea how it works with summer and winter time in other countries but here we set our clock back and forth two times a year. One hour back for wintertime and one hour further for summertime. Going back one hour for the winter means shorter days because of way more darkness in the evening and early morning.
This weekend we set the clock back, so our days are shorter.. I always have to adjust myself a little bit around this time. Not because of the clock, but because of winter, of more darkness and cold, and shorter days. I need light!

Going into winter means more use of lamps and lightning. You don’t have to buy. Or buy expensive. All the lamps here are handmade and I love them all. A bundle of vintage lamps together, teacups lightning, a lamp made from whisks… find more lovely and cool ideas on my Pinterest (also for resources and tutorials) at the ‘recycle, restyle, reuse’ board.


These are so pretty.
I love this idea from Evie from MiloMade!!
As SOIL, MiloMade is all about reduce, reuse, recycle.
Evie makes beautiful items..
Love her work!
Find this idea on her blog and find a wide range
of perfect products in her shop.

picture belongs to