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I think that we have the most beautiful wallpapers off all time, at the moment. You can choose it all. Colourful, motifs, graphics, flowered, retro, structured, bright or pastel.. if you think of it, have an idea for your wall, it’s for sale somewhere.
I really like one or two walls with bright, colourful wallpaper. These here are some of my favourites. Including the beautiful colourful floor!! Love that too..

all picture sources  and more interior inspiration can be found here

picture love

picture love: tullip dress

Detail Day

* mara tessa * arenbi dreamer * favefour * will you come again

Today we will introduce our regular, returning ‘detail day’.¬† What’s a detail according to the dictionary? ‘A detail is a small part of something that is not as important as the whole thing.’ So that’s the dictionary.. We don’t agree with the ‘is not as important’ thing and want to show you different. Details are important. Details can change the whole thing, make the whole thing or damage the whole thing. Details are important!

So with this day, which we will have every seven to ten days, we highlight details. That can be a single detail on a craft piece, fashion details, a detail on our own work or what we wear, a detail in a picture.. Just keep track of our Detail Days and you’ll see.

Today 4 fashion details. The arm, the little detailing of the red nails and that frill. It’s the whole picture that makes the detail, no detail anymore. If you would see her in total, a whole shot, you probably wouldn’t notice the red nails or the little frill.
Love the shoes! Shoes can be the best detail on a outfit. I love the combination here of a classic model set in a modern jacket. Very lovely.
The detail of the fishnet, the tattoos and that underpants is great! I can’t put my finger on where I find the detailing here.. It is here but I can’t find the words. Do you see what I mean here?
Well, that last one speaks for itself. Lovely white brooch detail. A detail that’s so well covered up that you wouldn’t have to notice this one.. Very cute.

So, what are your details today?