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Blog Archives

back to school

Almost time to get back to school.
So new books, papers and pencil cases are needed.
Here are some great, not to difficult, handmade pencil cases.
Some diy, some for the inspiration.
Find all the links to the sources on my pinterest.
(last picture is my own design.. no tutorial, just inspiration)


If you are planning to give someone a plant, think about a simple diy plant pot.
It’s so easy to do, handmade and personal and a perfect ‘wrap’.
Here’s some inspiration.

buy some herbs and make several chalkboard herb pots

colour block some thrifted pots

love this one! perfect gift for someone with no-green-hands

find the links to the tutorials here


Who doesn’t love mail? No, not email but a real postcard or handwritten letter. If only for that beautiful word.. ‘snailmail’.. I love that word! So sit down and write a letter or get crazy and make a card!! Did? Don’t grab an envelop!! Make one.. The most beautiful envelops are handmade. And most times so easy to make.. And so green!! Because you aren’t going to use new paper but reuse old. Here are some gorgeous and beautiful examples of handmade envelopes.

made from colouring book pages

use paper and paper doilies

use a (vintage) book, and the Country Living template
and make a gorgeous envelop

how to make an envelop from an old magazine page

find all the links to the tutorials and more paper inspiration here

yellow nailpolish

… so I had the yellow nail polish on the table to do my feet, with this beautiful weather we’re having, and the flipflops on, all day..  .. it ended with a little crochet piece, crocheted with small macramé cord and one side painted with yellow nail polish…. see if there’s enough yellow left for my feet..   ..(smile)..

summer bracelets

stripe, chevron and double chevron friendship bracelets by purlbee,
so easy, lovely and just some thread is needed

With some (left over) thread, an old belt, some hardware supplies or a string of leather, you can make great bracelets. I like these in the summer. I already knotted some friendship bracelets for myself. I love to wear a lot of different bracelets. Here are some great tutorials.

a rope bracelet by,
stylish and so cool

by Henry Happened,
love this recycled belt..

a leather wrap bracelet tutorial,
by Lebenslustiger

find all the links to the makers tutorials and more diy jewellery here

fall crafts

fall felt leaves by dana made it

Fall is making her entrance. The wind is blowing harder, colours are changing, more rain, a fall sun and a earlier darker evenings. Lots of leaves, in the most beautiful colours, are falling of the trees. The forest is full of toadstools, pinecones and chestnuts. Lots of materials to work with. Here some very nice fall craft inspiration. Enjoy!

fall craft inspirations with leaves by kokokoKIDS

Stephanie & Mary

apartment therapy: egg shell roses, jewellery display, art board, stylish maps
family fun: paper flowers, tin robots, carton & paper dollhouse, jug heads

Sometimes someone tells you something or gives you feedback without knowing the power of those words. I guess you know what I mean, don’t you? Today I got such a powerful message that hit me in my heart and will make me smile for the rest of the week.
I got an email from Stephanie, an volunteer librarian in the Seattle area. She wanted to thank me for creating the diy and craft page with lots and lots links to good craft sites. And off course SOIL tries to find lots of recycle craft links. It helped her teaching her class on the importance of recycling.
That gives me such a good feeling. My goal with SOIL isn’t just to sell handmade products, items that are sustainable or made with recycled materials. I want to inspire too, tell the world to think about the things you buy, think about how it’s made, where it’s from, how much we waste, how fun reusing and recycling is, how beautiful it is.. So if someone on the other side of the world finds my site, gets inspired and finds help in learning kids about recycling, I feel very happy!

One of Stephanie’s students, Mary, found a new great resource on recycling. Here’s the link “Recycling and Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids” Mary found. All the recycle crafts in this post are links that come from this site. It’s a very good resource page with lots of information on recycling and ideas for recycling crafts. Thanks so much Mary for finding this page!! And thanks Stephanie for making time to email me and letting me know.

apartment therapy: kids craft with toilet rolls; napkin rings, changing faces dolls, bird feeder, car

art class

Yesterday I gave a (freelance) art class during a introduction week on a school for secondary education. This class was a group of kids that don’t have any degree yet, are kicked out of all the earlier schools (even though they have a compulsory attendance at school) and (therefore naturally) they have behaviour problems.

Earlier on, this week, they worked on knowing their quality’s, figuring out who their hero is, which success stories they have. On that basis I should give a art class where they should make self portraits. They could use the words and qualities they already worked on. The thing is that most of these kids don’t know their qualities, don’t have a hero or know any success of themselves…

The main reason for me giving this lesson, wasn’t to get them to make the best portrait but to motivate them to make something.. So I was prepared for a heavy group of teenagers.
First I talked a bit about creativity. What is that? Why are you, even before we started, screaming that you aren’t creative? Tell me first, what is it? I printed some portraits found on the internet (picture above) varying from a portrait made by a 4 year old, professional art portraits, picasso’s head in between.. and we discussed these. Then we started..

I was completely amazed that they started!! Just that.. I helped them out, gave some directions but mostly lots and lots and lots of positive vibes. Wauw, that is good, you’re on the perfect way of making it beautiful, wohhh are you sure you never did this before…
Finally they all made a drawing (one kid draw a smurf with a joint in it’s mouth, one kid draw a famous Dutch person and one kid, who didn’t understand the assignment because of only living a few months in the Netherlands, drew a bird) and that was the best result I could ever wish for. No, even better. The girl with big mouth shouting she couldn’t do it, even said she was a bit proud of her portrait… And two other girls admitted they really liked working on their portrait.

I loved teaching again. And I will definitely going to do some acquisition to get more of these freelance assignments.


I’m working on a (light) yellow and camel coloured crochet project. It’s a bag project for Handwerken zonder Grenzen, the magazine I’m writing for and off course I can’t show anything. This will be in the October issue, so be patient. Meanwhile working on a lot of (crocheted) cupcakes and in my free-five-minutes a day I work on a mustard coloured vest, for myself.

I need some colour!! Okey, the cupcakes are very colourful but working on the base, is also just working with brown or yellow. So I need a ‘splash moment’ and made a inspiration  board with colourful crafts. Just some random inspirations from my pinterest. Just making the inspiration board gives me a happy, bright feeling again. Ohh how I love colours.. Enjoy your weekend!

non of these images are credited as mine, check here to find the original artist or tutorial

minimal flower perfection

Ohh my Goodness, how I LOVE this idea!! (Dad, I know you can’t read English but I will explain it and we will make these together!! So you know!) The idea is very very simple. Just drill a hole in your table or into a shelf and attach a jar underneath. Place a single flower for minimalist perfection. I will make this one! Made from a large slice of old wood (my dad has so much wood) and with two or three jars. Can’t wait to make!
(source pinterest)