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love this quote.. didn’t love the quote on a plain white background, so I made this smiling collage…
* note: all pictures come from the Internet, non is mine.

as I said, I love hats

As I told in my last post.. I love hats. And finally I can show you my new serie of winter hats. In the last weeks I’ve been working on this design. I had made this cotton bucket hat for the summer and that was a little ‘hit’. I had only one (on my head) and people wanted to buy that hat, of my head, on the streets. In a clothing shop I tried a hat (a really cool mega large brimmed hat) and while my hat was lying around, people took it to fit it! So I needed to make a winter design!

And this is the result. A wool, seamless hat. It’s really a hat with a good brim. I crochet this one very tight, so it is a bit stiff and keeps it’s shape, but not to stiff, as you can see. I have this hat available in 7 colours like grey, black, green, purple and brown.. (but not a name yet.. any idea??)

I’m almost done redoing, cleaning up the shop (you can’t see now, it’s all in the back of the site) and I hope to place all my new products in, this weekend. New cushions, hats, new blankets, winter scarf’s.. So much new designs! Just check out my shop in the next weeks..

for the love of Hats

Hats are my favourite. In crochet, knitting, buying and wearing. Really, I have a lot of hats.. And I wear them often. If it comes to designing, I wouldn’t be able to choose between designing blankets/cushions (that’s a favourite too) or hats.. Both are the best and a favourite. Anyhow, I made a ‘for the love of Hats’ pinboard on pinterest. If you like hats too, check it out for some of the best hats I found (and lovely hairstyles).

amazing mittens

When I saw these, a big smile appeared on my face and every time I see them.. again I have this big smile. These definitely are ‘happy’ mitts. So no need to say that I love these armadillos mittens so much! It’s the most original design I’ve seen in a long time. Have kids? Want a pair of funky mittens? Find these here in the Murat & Yusuf shop on etsy.

positive thinking

granny love

love granny’s..
the possibilities, the colours to combine,
the simple stitch and counting.. love love love..
here are some great white & colour granny inspirations
tutorials and links to the sources here

child blanket

Here’s the big one. One large baby, may I say, child blanket… It’s about 90 cm by 170 cm, so a six, seven year old kid would fit under the blanket too.
Also I finished a baby blanket in this cotton, and I’m working on a second one. Then I’m out of this cotton.. But I can add this big blanket, two small ones, another big one and three small ones into the shop. Enough blankets to choose from, won’t you say?
I so want to do that now, but I may not. First I need to finish so much work in resetting, restyling and rearranging everything.. And when that’s done, all new items will get in.

old pictures

I’m having a big problem with my laptop. I believe that it’s going to crash big time sooner or later. At the moment it’s taking me about 45 minutes to get it started and it ‘crashes’ (really that’s the message I get.. that it’s crashing!) at least four or five times a day, and then again it takes very long to get it started.. So I need a new laptop but not this week, or next week.. So if it goes down and I can’t get it started any more, I’m saving all my pictures and documents on an external hard drive.

Good opportunity to organise all those picture.. It’s nice to get through them. Bring back lot of memories, and really good inspiration… Oh I can make that item again, and ohh sold those and never made new ones, why?, and ohhh that hair cut is nice..

Above is picture off one of the vintage crochet and vintage needlework, combine with linen pincushions. These were great! Sold a lot of those.. Need to make new ones!
These macramé bracelets are for an article I made/wrote for the magazine Handwerken zonder Grenzen (crafting without borders). Also… need to make some more!!
Below are two of my blouse skirts. These two I made three, four years ago. It was a kind of experiment to turn blouses, scarfs and and old t-shirt into a skirt. Worked out perfect!! And I’m still wearing both of them.. Still getting lots of nice compliments when I wear a skirt. So why didn’t I make these for the shop?
Gosh, why did I found that last one. Me, with short hair.. At the moment my hair is over my shoulder long. I’m doubting. I like that short cut, so will I cut it all? hmmm..

back to school

Almost time to get back to school.
So new books, papers and pencil cases are needed.
Here are some great, not to difficult, handmade pencil cases.
Some diy, some for the inspiration.
Find all the links to the sources on my pinterest.
(last picture is my own design.. no tutorial, just inspiration)


If you are planning to give someone a plant, think about a simple diy plant pot.
It’s so easy to do, handmade and personal and a perfect ‘wrap’.
Here’s some inspiration.

buy some herbs and make several chalkboard herb pots

colour block some thrifted pots

love this one! perfect gift for someone with no-green-hands

find the links to the tutorials here