I really don’t have any time to do some fabric stamping but if you can’t do it, you can think about it! Ha! Anyway I love the idea of thrifting a piece of nice fabric (okay did that.. already have a beautiful piece of thrifted ecru linen). A good quality sheet or curtain, stamp it myself.. and my idea is to make a cushion from it. But off course all is possible with your own printed fabric!

Some stamping inspirations! Above: Lovely idea of stamping with the back of a pencil, by Colour me There!! And with all these colours it’s so happy and fresh. And imagine how many patterns can be made with just a pencil.

Here is a pattern found on the Print & Pattern blog. Nice and simple to make. Don’t forget to think about all the possibilities you have when you glue something on a piece of wood. Like buttons, cut foam/cork, check the toolbox..

On this Swedish site they made/carved a stamp from a piece of round wood but I can imagine it’s easier to use a piece of pipe, a cut plastic (food) pot or whatever shape you’ll see in something to stamp with!

(credits and pictures from the named websites, linked under the photo)